The Threat of International Conflict

Are you worried about war? Most people have many worries about Coronavirus and its effects but few have any present concerns about war. The following may make you think.
Did you know that there are over 800 wars going on today? Do you know that those responsible for the defence of the UK have concerns that there may soon be a world war?
Does this make you anxious? Bible believers see these most concerning developments in world affairs as reassurance that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled which will result in world peace.

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War in the Middle East

A recent newspaper article reported that ‘‘Major powers are now seeking confrontation globally and the borders of the Middle East are one place that they are pushing up against one another, like tectonic plates.’. It suggests that the major world powers are heading towards confrontation that could result in war.
The prospect of war in the Middle East involving world superpowers with their sophisticated military might and nuclear armaments is something that should concern us all. However, to Bible students it is not unexpected or something to be feared.
Such concerns are not being presented by UK media and yet already there is escalating conflict in that part of the world.
The Bible clearly explains what will happen and why those who respond to its teaching should not be fearful at the prospect.

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The problem of sin

So much distress is caused in the world thorough wrong doing.

Does it concern you?

Do you ever wonder why there does not appear to be any answer to this problem?
Or do you find it difficult to always do the right thing? If so, you feel the same as many of the people who wrote the Bible. Although they experienced the same as we do, they found the answer to the problem. They looked forward to a time when wrongdoing would be at an end.
The Bible clearly explains why these problems exist but does not stop there. It explains the reasons for the problems and also supplies the answer. It shows how there will be a time when all wrongdoing will end. It also shows how we can share in that hope.

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God or chance?

There is so much distress in the world, yet many do not believe in a God but believe that much that happened to them is by chance. Those that seek God believe that the Bible shows a different picture. It shows how God works in the circumstances of their lives although they may not fully appreciate it at the time.
More than that, God also works in world affairs, in ways that are often not appreciated at the time. With all the problems in the world today, understanding this can give us confidence as we live our own lives and a real hope for a better future.

The judgement seat of Christ

Are we responsible for what we do? The Bible clearly teaches that when we know what God requires of us, we are responsible. It also provides details of how God will judge us when Jesus returns to the earth.
Judgement is not something that people generally welcome, particularly when it is easy to fail. However, the Bible’s message is one of reassurance and hope. It shows us that when Jesus does return to judge the earth, we can share the hope of all those who have genuinely tried to follow God’s commands, a hope of receiving Jesus’ blessing of a new life on earth.

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Do you believe in Christ's resurrection?

The life of Jesus is a well attested historical fact.

Both the Jews and the Romans, who ruled the land of Israel at the time, were desperate to prove that Jesus did not rise from the dead. His followers were transformed from men who fled from the authorities when Jesus was arrested, to men who were willing to risk cruel deaths for their beliefs.

Although many have tried to discredit the Bible record of Jesus’ crucifixion, they have failed. The Bible does not only record how and why Jesus was raised from the dead but it shows us how we can share a real hope of life beyond the grave.

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The Christian and Politics

Every day the world media reports the problems that politicians are grappling with. We have a deep interest in those problems particularly when they directly affect our day to day lives.
In democratic countries participation in politics is encouraged, whether in local or national elections, but this is not the only way that men and women can become involved in politics. It can range from expressing options on the actions of our politicians, to becoming involved in political causes.

Jesus - Prophet, Priest and King

When Jesus is mentioned to many people, their minds are drawn to his cruel death on the cross. Whilst it is true that his death and resurrection are the centre of God’s purpose with you and I, there are other aspects of his life, past present and future that are important.

The Bible contains prophecies of Jesus that we can see being fulfilled before our very eyes which provide us with a real hope for the future. That hope will be realised when he returns to the earth to reign as king. Until that happens, his constant help is available to us as he provides the means by which we can approach God in prayer.

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The Hope of Israel

Wikipedia describes ‘Hatikvah’ or ‘The Hope ' as being the national anthem of the nation of Israel. It says ‘The theme of the romantic composition reflects the Jews' 2,000-year-old hope of returning to the Land of Israel, restoring it, and reclaiming it as a free and sovereign nation.’

Wikipedia also has another entry on ‘Elpis Israel - An Exposition of the Kingdom of God’ written by a Bible student who, interpreted Bible prophecy as predicting the return of the Jews to the land of Israel and their establishment as a nation there. However, it was written in 1848. Years before Jews returned and the state of Israel was established.
This shows how the Bible accurately forecasts future events, but its predictions did not end with what happened in 1948. 

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Introducing the Bible

The Bible is an ancient book with its most recent parts dating back over 2000 years.

So why should we want to read it? 

The short answer is that it is God’s Word to man and it provides a personal message to each one of us.
It has been proved to accurately predict future events and its message gives comfort and hope to all who encounter difficulties in their current lives. 

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Introduction to the Bible is a free online course which thoroughly considers the main teachings of the Bible, with each lesson covering a different theme. The course can be accessed using the following link.





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